The term “green energy” refers to electricity, power or fuel that is derived from renewable and sustainable sources – that is, sources we won’t run out of – without damaging the environment on a long-term basis.

Green Energy

What makes these sources green is the process on how they actually generate energy. These sources use natural dynamic processes that result in minimal pollution. Most of these sources actually use the power of nature, instead of merely relying on resources that get depleted over time, such as fossil fuels and the like, which will most likely run out given enough time.

Here is a quick breakdown of the examples of green electricity:

Solar power uses the light and heat from the sun, while wind turbines make use of use wind power to transform wind into electricity.

Water power, also known as hydropower or hydraulic power, harnesses the force of moving water. Two forms of water power are wave and tidal powers. Both forms convert the energy of ocean waves and tides to generate electricity.

Geothermal power comes from heat generated by the planet itself.

Biomass uses agricultural wastes or biological materials that can be burnt as fuel.

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