Green Business Cards

Going green is not only one of the catchiest phrases of our decade, it is also a way of life everyone should adopt.

We only have one planet and taking care of it is something everyone must do. Cutting down on energy consumption and recycling are great way to cut down on pollutions in the environment.

For people who are in business and want to extend their going green attitude to the workplace, green business cards are a must.

What exactly are green business cards?

Green business cards are eco- and environmentally friendly business cards that not only benefit you by getting your name out in the public, but also benefit the environment by cutting back on pollution. These cards are made out of recycled and recyclable materials so they will not impact the environment in a negative way. There are many printers that make green business cards that you will be proud to hand out to your future clients or business partners. A green business card not only puts your best foot forward, but it also lets others know that you are environmentally conscious.

What makes a green business card “green”?

There are several different things that can make a business card green. First of all if a business card is made of recycled materials this is a green business card. By recycling paper instead of chopping trees down to manufacture these business cards the card is green.

Another way business cards are green are the types of materials used to manufacture the cards. There are many materials such as banana paper or bamboo that are environmentally friendly and thus green. There are also materials and inks that are biodegradable so they will not clog landfills and pollute the earth for years and years to come. Such cards of course are considered green. You can even recycle old memos and documents you no longer need to create your own cards. Just research methods to create your own business cards.

Electronic Business Cards

If you can, you should use electronic business cards as much as possible. For informal business cards you can add tags to the bottom of all you outgoing messages and emails that contain your name, business address, and phone number. There are programs you can use to design digital business cards that you can send with ease to all potential clients and customers.

Electronic business cards are the best green business cards because they do not use any materials at all. The card is simply a digital file that can be share and deleted without having to worry about littering. Although there are some cases in which you must have a paper card, you should use digital business cards when possible.

When you are choosing your business cards don’t forget to add a little tag at the bottom to remind all those who see your cards to go green. Just write a small line at the very bottom that says “Go Green” to encourage all those around you to be more environmentally conscious. You will not only gain more business you will also promote “going green” and make the earth a better place to live.

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