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Earth Hour 2015

Earth Hour is on March 28, 2015 from 8:30pm to 9:30pm.

Earth Hour asks households and businesses to turn off all unnecessary light sources for one hour to raise awareness of the world’s current environmental issues. This doesn’t just mean turning off lights in rooms you’re not currently using; you should be doing that already. This special hour asks that you actually turn off all lights not directly needed to see around your home or business.

Earth Hour was started by the WWF, which stands for the World Wide Fund for Nature, and has also been referred to as the World Wildlife Fund. It is held on the last Saturday in March and is one of the group’s largest annual events. Earth Hour was originally created to encourage people to be aware and proactive when it comes to climate change. Today countless cities across the globe have taken part in the event and it continues to evolve and garner more attention as time goes on.

The Earth Hour movement got its start in 2007 in Sydney, Australia and was greeted with a decent reception. Over 2 million people took part in the original Earth Hour event, and it quickly spread to other parts of the world as well. Gradually through 2008 and 2009, more households and businesses started following the guidelines of Earth Hour and then in 2010 a variety of TV stations, radio stations, and other media outlets started taking part in the event. It has since started to garner major media attention as well; online, in print and even on many larger cable network news channels.

Earth Hour has even caught the eye of several big name celebrities like race car drive Leilani Munter and super model Miranda Kerr and the numbers are growing, giving the event a bigger voice globally. Best of all, these celebrities aren’t treating “Earth Hour” as just the “cause of the month”. They are remaining active and continually stressing the importance of doing our part to support the sustainability of the environment in any way possible.

Many college campuses have also started taking a part in Earth Hour and holding demonstrations in an effort to raise awareness on the subject of our environment and climate changes. Girl Scouts by the thousands across America will be participating this year to support Earth Hour as well. CBRE, the world’s largest commercial real estate firm, began doing its part to support Earth Hour in 2007, and in 2011 motivated over 414 million square feet of office space to turn off the lights; a significant number. This year they’re hoping to get over 500 million square feet to take part in the one day event.

Earth hour started very small and only appeared in one local newspaper, hoping to get the attention of Sydney, Australia but it has quickly grown into a worldwide event that matters. This makes sense because our environment is a global issue and everyone should be concerned about the future of the planet and how it will affect our children and our children’s children.

Earth hour has certainly succeeded in making an important statement and it continues to raise awareness. It is their hope that with the help of celebrities, businesses and devoted individuals coming out to support the movement that a long lasting change for the better is possible.

Do you want to be proactive in organizing Earth Hour in your home, workplace, school or city? CLICK HERE for useful guides and lots of ideas how to get people involved.

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