Earth Day Activities

Whether or not this is your first Earth day or your twentieth Earth Day, this day is a great day to spend time with your children and teach them more about the environment around them.

Our children are the leaders of the future. It is important that they learn the importance of the environment now, instead of waiting until they have grown.

There is no better way to teach children than to make crafts and play educational games.

Making Crafts from Recycled Materials

A great way to teach your children about recycling is to make crafts out of recycled material. One great craft is creating “fossils” out of used coffee grounds. This craft will teach your children about recycling as well as give you an opportunity to talk about dinosaurs.

To create coffee ground fossils you need to mix coffee grounds, flour, salt, and a little old coffee. Once the mixture is a doughy consistency you knead it and then flatten it onto a sheet of wax paper. Next, you cut out pieces of the dough and then cut shapes and images into the dough to create the fossil. Finally you allow the fossils to dry overnight, or you can bake them if you don’t want to wait.

Another great recyclable craft s to build little bugs out of recycled egg cartons, pipe cleaners, and google eyes. Just cut out the cup portion of the egg carton before you begin the craft. Give each child an egg coup and allow them to add google eyes and pipe cleaners any way they want to create their own unique bugs. By using a little felt and recycled jars, you can create adorable animal jars. Just help your children glue the felt to the top of the jar so that you create an animal face. You can reuse milk jugs, detergent bottles, and cereal boxes as well. Just clean out the container in advance and then allow your children to decorate the containers any way they want. If you cut the tops off you can create all sorts of things with the recycle containers. All it take is a little imagination.

Earth Day Quiz Show

There are numerous online Earth day games that will teach children about picking up trash and recycling. One fun game that you can play with your children is the Earth Day Quiz show. You can be as elaborate with your game show as you want. The basic things you need for the quiz show are cards with questions about Earth Day on them (as well as the answers) and prizes for the winner. Be sure to include difficult and easier questions. The more into the quiz game you are, the more fun your children will have with it.

Another game you can play is the Earth Day Scavenger hunt. To play this game, create clues that leas your children to different Earth Friendly objects or areas around your home. An example for this is…” go to the container that is big and blue that reuses cans used by me and you”. Once your children find the recycling bin that this clue leads to, they will find the next clue and continue on in the scavenger hunt.

This game will test your children’s eco-friendly knowledge as well as get them active outside.

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